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Brett Velicovich Outnumbered FOX

Brett Velicovich visits the set of outnumbered and shows off his drone  | Fox News channel

Brett Velicovich hangs with the ladies of Outnumbered on Fox News Channel for a full hour and debates a wide range of topics of the day including border security, DACA, and how drones are saving lives around the world.

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How drone technology is changing hurricane outcomesFox News channel

Brett Velicovich discusses how drones are assisting rescuers with hurricane and disaster recovery efforts and his plan to assist in the aftermath of the devastation from Hurricane Harvey. 


American Drone Warrior Saved Woman From ISIS | The daily beast

Brett Velicovich was justifiably proud of his counterterrorist expertise in Iraq, but it was a rescue mission of no strategic importance that put him in touch with his humanity. 

Brett Velicovich FOX & Friends

The Drone Warrior: New device zaps rogue drones out of the skY | FOx & Friends

Former Special Operations intelligence analyst Brett Velicovich discusses the new counter-UAV that recently hit the market and additional drone technology used to take out rogue ISIS drones.

Brett Velicovich North Korea Discussion

Important for White House to step up its North Korea rhetoric | CNBC Squawk box 

Brett Velicovich, “Drone Warrior” author and former special ops analyst, discusses the tensions between the U.S. and North Korea as well as how prepared our military is for any outcome.


Life of a US Army intelligence soldier revealed in new book - with Hollywood version to follow | UK Daily Mail

A new book shedding light on the life of an Army intelligence soldier in the US military is being turned into a film. Co-written by Pulitzer Prize winning former Wall Street Journal author Christopher S Stewart, the book charts Velicovich's career as he traveled across the world hunting down some of the United States' most wanted terrorists.

Drone Expert Brett Velicovich FOX & Friends

US soldier reportedly tried to help ISIS get consumer drone | FOX & Friends

Brett Velicovich details the dangers of technology in terrorists' hands after breaking news about a Hawaii-based U.S. Army soldier's arrest over the weekend for allegedly attempting to provide military documents and a drone to the ISIS terror group.




I WAS WIRED on Rip It energy drinks heart pounding, eyes glued open to the bright screens as we followed a white bongo truck for miles as it drove south, kicking up dust from the Syrian border through the open desert....It was midday, September 2009, and I was in the Box, a secret windowless bunker at the edge of an undisclosed military base...

Brett Velicovich Fox News

Inside the role drones have played in the war on terror | Fox news channel

Brett Velicovich, former special ops intelligence and author of the new book 'Drone Warrior,' on the hunt for ISIS terrorists in Iraq and Syria. 

Drone Expert CNBC

US tops with military drones, but China owns consumer market | CNBC Squawk Box

Brett Velicovich, founder and CEO of Expert Drones, talks about a new way to protect America against our most dangerous enemies by using data collected by drone. Brett also discusses the drone cocktail bar he helped build for a Fortune 50 client and "explains that the future of drones is now warfare, it's enabling businesses in the private sector." For the Record: There is a typo on the NBC news screen for Brett's previous rank in the military. 

Drone Warrior NPR

Life As A 'Drone Warrior' | NPR

Brett Velicovich spent much of his time during five tours duty in Iraq, Afghanistan and other places in the box, as he calls it, a windowless bunker filled with flat-screen video monitors showing images captured by cameras on drones. He hunted for terrorists and suspected terrorists to capture or kill. He's written one of the first memoirs of a new age of warfare... 


This Army Vet Led The Hunt For ISIS—Now He's Using Drones To Save wildlife | Fast company  

Brett Velicovich’s new book, Drone Warrior, is all about his time with a small intel team that used the latest technology, classic spycraft, and military strategy to help capture and kill high-value targets in Al Qaeda and ISIS. If you think that sounds like the kind of story Hollywood producers would salivate over, you’re right.

What Drone Warfare Does to a Soldier's Brain | gq magazine

A conversation with Army veteran and author Brett Velicovich on the complexities of intelligence gathering, the morality of drone warfare, and the future of unmanned aircraft. If you read a story about the United States military using a drone to capture or kill a terrorist...

drone expert brett velicovich on cbs this morning describes hunting ISIS leader abu bakr al-baghdadi with drones | cbs this morning

For nearly a decade, Brett Velicovich was one of an elite handful in the military at the center of America's covert drone war. His group used drones to follow, capture and kill some of the world's deadliest terrorists. "Never before in the history of the world have we had this ability to know so much about our enemy," he explained.

drone expert brett velicovich on fox & friends discussing how the us can prevent isis from using drones for attacks | foxnews channel

Brett Velicovich discusses ISIS continued use of drones during the battle for Mosul, Iraq and methods by which the U.S. Government and private sector can prevent terrorist groups from using drones for attacks.

Drones, 5G Internet Dominate Talks as Tech Execs Visit White House | Voice of america

Top industry executives huddled together Thursday with President Donald Trump to show off their wares and talk about what government’s role should be... Brett Velicovich, president of a Washington area drone firm said his greatest worry is that governments such as the United States don’t seem to fully appreciate the potential security threat posed by the new generation of cheap, powerful drones in the hands of terrorists.


Trump targets Africa: Inside America's quiet war against terror | Fox News

It all started at Baledogle, the old Soviet airport 70 miles northwest of Mogadishu, Somalia’s capital...The problem is that al-Shabab is increasing the complexity of its attacks. Shortly after Brett Velicovich, a U.S. Army veteran....


Somali police get first drones to combat Islamist bombings | thomson reuters

A former U.S. intelligence specialist has donated surveillance drones to police in Somalia, aiming to help combat a jump in deadly bombings by al Qaeda-linked Islamist insurgents...The Somalis received five drones, some of which have infra-red or night vision capabilities, from Brett Velicovich.


Andy Bellin Comes Aboard To Adapt ‘Drone Warrior’ For Michael Bay | DEadline hollywood

Given what has happened in Manchester, it is not surprising that this project is moving forward — who doesn’t want to obliterate Isis? Andy Bellin has been signed by director and producer Michael Bay to adapt the action thriller Drone Warrior...


Paramount Options Story of Drone Fighter Brett Velicovich | Variety

Paramount Pictures has optioned the life rights and autobiography of drone warfare fighter Brett Velicovich, with an eye toward producing an “American Sniper”-style big-screen biopic...


Come Watch Brett Velicovich Race Drones At Dew Tour | Green Label

Brett Velicovich thinks drone racing could become one of the world's biggest new action sports...


Students Experiment With Drones for 4-H National Youth Science Day

Brett Velicovich, U.S. Army veteran and renowned drone expert, will deliver a keynote address about the future of drones and give a demonstration on drone technology. U.S. Chief Technology Officer Megan Smith will give an address encouraging youth around the country to pursue STEM education and use these tools to collaborate on solving local and national challenges. 


Feds not so happy about toy drones coming to town this Year | New York Post

City Hall and the feds are scrambling to put new restrictions in place before the estimated 400,000 drones sold this holiday season flood the skies. “We are going to see a ton of drones in the airspace very soon and especially over the holiday season, so basically the FAA decided we need to do something fast about this,” said Brett Velicovich..

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